Wednesday, October 7

Clay Wood & Cotton Grand Opening!

My aprons are now available at a new shop in Beacon, NY. It's a collaboration between Kristy Reichert, Kristen Couse, and Kelly Kingman. In their words, "Clay Wood & Cotton is your source for the best handmade items for your home. We look for artists who combine beauty with utility, and who put a sense of fun into their work:

I'm honored to have my work included in such a beautiful collection of products. "Thanks" to Kristen (who I met this summer at Renegade, Brooklyn) for the invite and good luck to the three of you! I wish I could be there to do some early Christmas shopping and have some of that pie! More information is available here.

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Clothesline said...

way to go sara - that shop looks super cute - and such a great name.