Thursday, July 1

"Firecracker, Firecracker, Boom, Boom, Boom!"

Does anyone remember that cheer? Hopefully I'm dating myself; it's a little rhyme recalled from my youth (in the 70's) accompanied by 8 year old kicking legs. I think it went on "boys got the muscles, teachers got the brains, girls got the sexy legs so we won the gaaame!" Nice, huh?

However, I can't resist doing an early 4th of July/ La FĂȘte Nationale (fancy way to say "Bastille Day") celebratory cheer of my own, replacing all the subjects with "I," because my French Chef apron was featured in today's Etsy Finds newsletter. But first I got to get me that "Vintage 60's absurdly adorable shorty romper set!" It truly is absurdly adorable!

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