Tuesday, November 22

Double Delight!

This woman is back, and what a welcome! Sunday I discovered that my Dutch Heart linen tea towel was featured in the December 2011 issue of Romantic Homes magazine! I couldn't drive to the store fast enough! Photo credit © Jickie Torres

I say "double delight" because I had just finished photographing new variations of this very pattern to list in my Etsy shop. It is now available in black as well as red, on natural linen. I'm very excited to introduce the Dutch Heart Apron! It is modeled below by my step-daughter Anna of Ettie Ogle, who couldn't look more soulful and lovely as she perhaps contemplates a lovely dish to whip up for her "other mother" (me). Maybe?

Here are some more photos of the new Dutch Heart items, which of course you can view in my Etsy shop!

It has been a long post today, but it's been a longer stretch of time since I galloped off to a new home, added a new puppy to our family and so much more. Maybe someday I'll blog about all the exciting changes I've had in my life since I've been away, but right now, I've got to get back to making stuff! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Heather said...

How awesome is that??? Your towels look very beautiful in the magazine. Such a lovely idea! I just found your shop on Etsy. It is all very, very nice! Looks like you have had some wonderful success. Cheers to you!

Sara Smedley said...

Thanks Heather, I'm glad you like!