Friday, June 12

If you ain't Dutch, you ain't much!

That's a saying I grew up with, referring to the Pennsylvania Dutch, (I'm not that Dutch but my maiden name, Brasted, derives from Holland Dutch so it worked for me too). Dutch fever is breaking out amongst the Z-Towners . Why not, these wonderful folk motifs are part of our everyday life. For myself, I live on the "Hex Highway," where I drive regularly by barns adorned with hex signs and my house was previously occupied by our friend Eric Claypoole, the authority and master painter of hex signs and barn stars. In a few weeks you can see him at work at the Kutztown Folk Festival (and buy one of your own).

So you can probably imagine where this is all going. Stay tuned, the wheels are turning... The images below are off of True Up, thanks for that link Jen).

I had to include this one because 1964 is the year I was born. Very cool!

OK, I'm on a Dutchy roll here, this is a detail of a pint-sized hutch my grandfather built and my grandmother painted for me when I was little. It's a terrible photo because the poor thing is in the attic (shameful), needing a good cleaning, butcher's wax, and a loving place in my home to display it... but where, it's kind of short?

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