Wednesday, June 10

Two down and one to go...

My 3 weekend marathon of shows (Art Star, Renegade, Best in Bloom) is almost complete. Karen Stanford (above) and I had a great location across from the gate at Driggs & N. 12th. There were only about 35 booths in our part of the park while there were 200+ across the street. We worried that people wouldn't realize there was another leg to the show and would migrate to where all the action was, but locals assured us that everyone in the neighborhood typically walked though our section of the park. Regardless, there was a really good vibe in our area, shade, plenty of dog watching, and really nice people relaxing on their weekend. It was an enjoyable experience and the sales were good!

To make the event even sweeter, I have two local friends who came to visit. Ellen brought a few of her incredible kids one day and husband the next. My dear friend Keith waited on us the entire weekend. He was an endless source of drinks, snacks, lovingly homemade sandwiches, entertainment and good company! He also took Karen and I to bozu for a very delicious dinner. I have a handful of meals that go into a "food memory" bank and that will be one of them. Not bad either, were the Peter Pan donuts Kimberly provided. Boy, I wish I had eaten more now.

Thanks to all who visited our booth and to all my new customers! On to Emmaus, PA for Best in Bloom with the entire Z-Town crew to finalize my tour! For more Renegade/Z-Town recaps go to here and here.

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