Saturday, March 27

Making Friday "Making Friday!"

Fans of Heather Moore's blog Skinny laMinx will be familiar with what she has dubbed "Making Friday." I've been a long time fan of her work and blog, and am impressed, inspired (and yes, sometimes envious) of her ability to set time aside to work on fresh projects. It reminds me of what my yoga instructor calls "changing the direction of your thinking." Simply changing what you have been doing.

Quite a while back the curtains in our bathroom disintegrated from the sun and I finally had to toss them. I threw some scraps of fabric over the rods with the plan to replace ASAP. I won't admit how long it's been but Thursday night I finally made it to IKEA and found the perfect fabric. Friday morning I was eager to start sewing, but also conflicted because of the long list of mundane stuff I felt I should be doing. Then I remembered "Making Friday" and it occurred to me that many of my projects get set aside until I get the other stuff done. Of course there is always more stuff to get done, the excitement wears off, the fun project turns into one more to-do item and as a result it never gets done. This time I decided to change the direction of my thinking!

So thank you Heather, my windows have curtains, my to-do list didn't get longer, my bathroom makes me happy again, and my brain feels refreshed!

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daisy janie said...

Heather's Making Friday either makes me extra motivated or makes me feel extra guilty! Love that she set aside a day for it.

These curtains are wonderful, and the fabric is parfait!!!! Nice job!