Wednesday, August 15

Cheers, Julia Child on your 100th birthday and thank you!

Today is a special day for Julia Child fans everywhere! Countless glasses, forks, and wooden spoons will be raised in her honor. 

Three years ago, I came out with an apron and tea towel design inspired by the cover of her first cookbook, Mastering the Art of French Cooking, Vol.1. Happily, they were well received by bloggers and customers who would share with me their own passion for Julia. Since then, my aprons and towels have made it to "Julia Child club" dinner parties (hand delivering did occur to me) and even to someone close to Julia (but who shall remain nameless)! It has been heart-warming and a privilege to be part of this enthusiastic community who have been touched and inspired by this great woman.

Today, I am excited to announce that my Fleur de Lis Butcher's Aprons and Tea Towels will be carried by none other than the Smithsonian! Yes, JC fans, the one that houses Julia's Cambridge, MA kitchen at The National Museum of American History! They are available on location at the museum store, online at, and in the upcoming fall catalog.

If you are near DC, there is a special celebration at the American History Museum here. Otherwise, get yourself into the kitchen, to a dinner party, or one of the hundreds of restaurants featuring Julia Child inspired menus tonight and of course... bon appétit!

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