Monday, November 19

Flutterby Butterfly!

Just in time for holiday gift giving, my newest design, "Flutterby" is now available as a Linen Tea Towel in my Etsy Shop! A matching Flutterby Butcher's Apron will follow shortly and I'll be adding a new Christmas Tea Towel, as part of my "hand" line by early next week!

Flutterby is the first of my line of tea towels which will feature a hand. At this point, I could run wild with clever lines such as: "Hand towels!" "Handy wipes" "Hands-up the best towels ever!"

Instead, I'll write about where the hand inspiration came from. I've forever been a fan of vintage cookbook illustrations and many have wonderful "how-to" line drawings with these Laura Petrie-esque hands. My very favorite comes from the 1964 edition of The Joy of Cooking (later versions have "updated" hands). I grew up with this book and the page I remember most, and still turn to each Christmas, is the "Rich Roll" cut-out cookie recipe which my mother always made and I still do (with icing!).

Another nostalgic influence for the Flutterby design in particular was this Arabia Pottery Finland butterfly pitcher, which I also grew up with. Unfortunately it's long gone, but my memory was jogged when I came across this one in this Etsy shop, (sadly, it was already sold).

I hope this kitchen related nostalgia trip of mine helps get you in the mood for a heartwarming and delicious Thanksgiving this week. Stay tuned for more holiday goodness... Cheers!

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