Thursday, March 6

Dutch Garden

Continuing down the tulip path… here are two prints from my new Dutch Garden collection on Spoonflower:

I love connecting the dots of inspiration that lead to a new design, especially when those connections are unexpected, yet so right, at least in my mind (for instance Cake Plates).

A few years  ago, my Pennsylvania Dutch surroundings (see If you ain't Dutch) inspired me to come up with the print below called "Dutch Heart." Recently I decided to revisit the design, but wanted it to have a looser, hand-drawn feel that would work as a repeat print. Ideas were coming together but the magic happened when I stumbled upon my muse (keep scrolling)...
© Sara Smedley 2014 all images above
Thank you Redd Foxx! XO
Don't forget, you can view the rest of the Dutch Garden collection here.

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Melissa said...

I love that skirt! And it really goes along with the shirt! I think it would look amazing with the amber jewelry !